“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”- Carl Sandburg



–Next week is the official lounge of the book: Impulse Measurement, it will be available in online and in bookstores.                            Check it out, with the new Ritme with Ajay…….., that will be a suprise.–14-01-2019



–Our Special Communication Pakket (SCP), is just what you need to connect whit your audience. We have great deals and special prices till the 21 December 2018, a real and of the year bonus, so check it out, and be the difference. This is the brochure:


Any questions, just send us a mail, and we’ll be happy to assist you. info@agapewings.com  –1-11-2018

–We just moved to a new location. We can now also make the framework for all billboards and other projects that need welding for all your marketing activities. Just visit us and checkout our great prices.–17-10-2018

We’re finishing our training-modules with the first group, call or email us for more info about Impuls Measurement. Let us know your thoughts about our new Logo. Ritme will be on this week, with……… –19-09-2018

–We just started our training-modules Impuls Measurement, more info call or email us.

This week Ritme will be on, check it out!!!—- 26-7-2018

–Next week will finish a new commercial. Two infomercials we’re about to finish. Stay tuned for much more Love!!

Tomorrow Ritme will be on, check it out!!!—- 4-4-2018


–We’re about to start Ritme2018 this week, will be finishing a Infomercial in a couple of days. Next week will release our new commercial. For the first time we filmed a wedding, much more on that. Three new commercials will be released Februari 2018, just stay tuned. We got some unpleasant hits along the way, that’s life, but as we love to say; we’re staying in Spiritual Ritme. –22-1-2018

–We just finished shooting a commercial with the main characters Nick en Simon for Dana’s Packaging(www.danaspackaging.com). Nick en Simon are the famous Dutch Musicians, they just had a concert in Suriname. For now were shooting three other commercials, these are the subjects; Christmas, green energy solar panels and an import and export Company. The month December every week another Ritme will be released, with the new commercials. We also finished an Marketing Audit for one of the companies so now it’s filming-time again. We’re going to be busy check us out, if you need more info, you know where to contact us, Be blessed! –15-11-2017

–We will be shooting very big commercials in November 2017, we want to thank every one for their support and love!! Stay tuned for more info…..–20-10-2017

–Our team is ready to serve you in the Netherlands, contact us and enjoy our service!!!–10-10-2017

–Ritme is now online, Facebook, Linkedin and of course our website

— Yesterday we had a blast at the Instyle@Optiek Ninon N.V. new spring/Summer Eyewear 2017 Collection. We got to shoot a great commercial with a great foto-shoot. Some footages   and much more to come. Stay tuned –14-7-28

— This month a new commercial will be released, stay tuned. Follow us on instagram, AgapeWings. We’re having fun here in Paramaribo, soon we will be attending the Netherlands, with the beginning of our new Documentary. Will keep you up to date! –11-7-2017

–We’re in the final stages of a marketing audit, we try to do this for must of are clients. So we have a clear vision of are objectives. The commercial will be filmed very soon, we keep you up to date.–14-6-2017

— Social-media is what we know, making great progress with dana’s packaging on Facebook. And great sells in Suriname, check it out at www.danaspackaging.com.–13-6-2017

–We are about to make a new documentarie is September, we love inspiring People, our team is ready in the Netherlands. From Suriname we leave the first week in September and will make magic happen.–13-6-2017

— This month we have a great commercial that will be filmed. This week  were finishing our audits, and of course we will be filming Ritme.–13-6-2017