We make Documentaries, Commercials and Brand manuals. Our goal is to improve the organization we work with for better results. We not only make the art, our team also helps with Marketing-strategies, and Market research analyses. We help gather data so our clients can work efficiently and people understand their story and products.


In order to give our clients the best options possible, we collaborate with the best in Suriname and Netherlands. These are companies we worked with for years, making websites and application programs. AgapeWings analyses and creates the content and our partners do the website and app building. Working together to create dreams, is what our collaborations stands for.


Our mission is to improve the lives of those we work with, by making innovative and high-quality visual art affordable and easy to access, for everybody. We are passionate and relentless in our goal to continuously innovate our products.

Social Media

AgapeWings has a division just to create that content needed to brand your products on Social media. The uniqueness of your company will generate attention and that is where our real work starts. We analyse the data and the behavior of the visitors, we communicate with the people. After a short time we have a clear vision who you are targeting and you”ll be able to finetune your products to create more prospects. Social-media is one of our specialties, with our team we create content that is just right for your business. We connect people.


We strive to improve the quality of people and organizations, by making visual art and collecting Data. Our Services and Business we deliver, are all about Spiritual Concepts or inspiring thoughts that are visualized combined with measurable qualitative information.

3D Animations

We create 3D Animations, for companies that favor a commercial or infomercial in fully 3D, we animate your dream in flying colors.

Our People

Timothy Zuiverloon

CEO, CBO & Founder

By developing each aspect within a person or organization you get results that lead to success. My passion for Spirituality and creating art combined with a useful set of Management-skills, helps me to run my businesses and others that hire me. For more then ten years of experience in Management and Marketing, my goal is to bring Inspirational programs on TV and the internet to make a change in the world. By bringing love and moral ethics on screen so people can learn, reflect and make their own responsible decisions.

Jill Koole

CFO & Production Manager

When Jill koole finished her studies in 2011, her main focus was finance, but in 2012 she discovered her passion for photography, and joined the AgapeWing group in 2013, and ever since she is the producer of all the productions.

Dean Ceuppens

Production Manager/Photographer

Dean loves filming and with his unique skill set to motivate our team and great management qualities he leads our organisation with all the productions. That’s why Dean is our Production manager and a member of the board of directors.  

Anno Verwey


As a Pharmacist Anno loves mixing things up, his enthusiasm and intelligence combined, makes our business process efficient. Coordinating big events like Kwaku, his value is immense to the AgapeWings-group. That’s why Mr Verwey is our Consultant and a member of the board of directors.   

Jouke Locher


As a Business psychologist with a passion for IT, Jouke combined those two and started “The WebLocher”. Surinam leading IT-company, with the possibility to implement one of the most sophisticated application possible in Suriname. We collaborated two years ago and created some awesome products. Thats why Jouke is our IT-specialist.



A creative bomb is perhaps a description that most suits her.

Originally she is a photographer but she also writes columns and scenarios. Latoya is mainly concerned with portrait photography in the most artistic sense.

She wants to be able to capture the stories and images in her head in a way that it can also be seen by others.

People fascinate and inspire me. Behind every face there is a story and behind every smile there is a tear. The trick is to put these stories and emotions into images and touch people’s hearts with them.

That’s why she a member of the AgapeWing team.

April Duijster


April is our copywriter. After she studied Leisuremanagement (including marketing), she travelled the world and met a lot of people. She discovered that she has an eye for communication, sales and innovation. She’s using her skills for AgapeWings.

Giorgio de la Fuenta


Giorgio is our cinematographer. He is a musician with a passion for art, now he uses his craft to make great motion-pictures for AgapeWings. Giorgio is a freelancer, but with projects for Agapewings, he is our DOP.